Otolaryngology Interest Group

Otolaryngology Interest Group Leaders:

Faculty Advisor:

Kurt Heiland, M.D.

Our mission: To provide students and the UACOMP community at large with a look inside the diverse and innovative field of otolaryngology through building connections with local otolaryngologists and hosting interactive and educational events.

Our goal in founding the Otolaryngology interest group is to expose students as well as the UACOMP community at large to the fascinating field of otolaryngology. This field is not one that students are typically exposed to in the clerkship curriculum, however it is an extremely diverse and rich specialty providing a great mix of clinic and surgery. We first became interested in otolaryngology during the head and neck unit in our clinical anatomy course. Some of the specific topics that we found fascinating include the anatomy of the ear and hearing, the delicate and intricate muscles and nerves involved in facial expression, and the anatomy and physiology of speech. We hope to provide the UACOMP community with fun, interactive, and educational events revolving around the field of otolaryngology by hosting sim events and lunch talks. We look forward to inviting local otolaryngologists to these events to share their experiences and allow students to make professional connections in the field.

If you are interested in becoming a member, or have any questions about the group or upcoming events, please reach out to Conor Willson at conorwillson@email.arizona.edu.