Surgery Interest Group (SIG)

Surgery Interest Group (S.I.G) 

Our Mission:

The mission of Surgery Interest Group (SIG) is to promote student exposure to and participation in the multifaceted field of general surgery and surgical subspecialties. In order to accomplish this mission, SIG plans a variety of experiences throughout the year including, but not limited to: lunch presentations by physicians in various surgical sub-specialties, shadowing opportunities during surgeries and grand rounds, and suture and knot-tying clinics to prepare students for surgical rotations during the third year. In addition to being the largest student group on campus, SIG also serves as the primary link between the student body and the SIM Center on the 4th floor of HSEB. Furthermore SIG sponsors educational workshops using state-of-the-art simulation equipment to prepare students for surgical rotations.

If you are interested in general surgery or surgical subspecialties, do not hesitate to contact the organization leadership to become more involved and find opportunities!

Club Leaders & Faculty Advisor

Eashan Das, 

Club Leader

Katja Klosterman, 

Club Leader

Romir Parmar, 

Club Leader

Armine Kasabyan, 

Club Leader

Ara Feinstein, MDMPH

Faculty Advisor

Previous Club Leaders Contact Information:

Jason Cusimano - he/him

Haley Kenner - she/her

Rachel Reichenbach "R" - she/her

Alexander Meraz - he/him

Nikhil Bhardwaja "Nik" - he/him

Past Events

The 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting for the Arizona Chapter of the American College of Surgeons

Past Breakfast/Coffee with a Surgeon Events:

Guest: Dr. Fashid Sadeghi - Urology

Guest: Dr. Nathan Page - Pediatric Otolaryngology (ENT)

Guest: Dr. Mido Mirza - Pediatric Surgery

Scrubbing Clinic/Suturing Clinic:

Guest: Dr. Ara J. Feinstein

Guest: BUMC Residents

Lunch Talks:

Guest: Dr. Ara J. Feinstein - Trauma Surgery

Guest: Dr. Stanley C. Graves - Orthopedic Surgery

BUMC-PHX Grand Rounds: 

Dr. David King - Trauma Surgery

Title: 26.2 Lessons Learned from the Boston Marathon Bombing

Maricopa Grand Rounds

Dr. Ramin Jamshidi - Pediatric Surgery

Title: Esophageal Atresia

Surgery Residency Panel

Dr. Steven Johnson - Program Director of Phoenix Integrated Surgical Residency

MS4s matched in surgery

Surgery Resources

So you want to be a surgeon? (American College of Surgeons)

Section I. Surgical Traits

Section II. How to Find a Surgical Residency

Section III. Surgical Specialties

Arizona Surgical Residencies: 

Phoenix Integrated Surgical Residency (PISR) - BUMC Phoenix

Surgical Societies and Professional Development:

American College of Surgeons Official Page

Arizona College of Surgeons Official Page

Keep current with the literature (free access):

JAMA Surgery

JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery

JAMA Ophthalmology

JAMA Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery

Subspecialty-specific Sites:

Headmirror - Great resource for folks interested in ENT, Head and Neck Surgery

Orthobullets - For the aspiring Orthopedic surgeons, good resource for rotations

UrologyMatch - For aspiring Urologists, resources for prepping for match