Christian Medical Society (CMS)

Our Mission

The Christian Medical Society (CMS) was founded with the purpose of providing an environment and structure for Christian community - interaction, encouragement, support and service - among medical students on this campus. CMS is a Christian fellowship group open to all interested College of Medicine students, professional health sciences students, and medical residents in the Phoenix area.

Current Leadership

Dylan Langland,, Class of 2027

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Andrew Wong 

Past Leadership

Deborah Yang, Class of 2023

Amaris Tapia, Class of 2023

Bethany Bennett, Class of 2020

Tyler Hoelscher, Class of 2020

Zachary Morrison, Class of 2020

Kalli Butters

Lelan Dao

Tanner Heckle

Daniel Trif

Associated Websites

Upcoming Events 

Weekly Fellowship

When:  Monday's at noon

Where: HSEB cafe

What:  Join us on Monday during lunch for Bible study and fellowship, as we prepare for the week ahead. 

It is a completely casual event and everyone is invited. Each week is something new!

Future Events: