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What are the requirements that need to be met in order for an event to be approved for MSG funding?

As written in our MSG constitution:

What is the step-by-step process in order to plan an event?

Prior to club registration:

Prior to your event:

For pre-approved events: As soon as you receive confirmation from speakers:

For events not pre-approved with club registration form at the start of the semester:

 During your event:

After your event remember to:



What do I do if my group wants to host an event before the club registration form is due?

In this scenario, you can fill out the food and supply request form and the finance subcommittee will review the requests on a case-by-case basis. If the event is hosted before the club registration form due date, do NOT list it as a future event on that form.

What guidelines are used by the finance subcommittee to approve funding during the pre-approval process?

These are the guidelines that the finance subcommittee has decided to abide by:

Is there a max number of events that can be funded per club?

There is NOT a set max number of events for the entire semester per club; however, there is during the pre-approval process. Once all the pre-approved funds have been allocated, the remaining funds are given in order to whichever group(s) request them so long as their event meets the aforementioned requirements. 

**However, our goal is to have a diverse schedule of events with lots of collaboration between groups so we will aim to approve funds to meet this objective

If I was denied funds during the pre-approval process, does that mean I cannot hold the event?

No, you are welcome to request funds again during the rest of the semester! If the request is denied a second time, then we still encourage you to still hold the event, but we will, unfortunately, be unable to provide any funds for food or resources.

Can I get funds to reimburse a speaker for fees associated with their travel to the Phoenix Biomedical Campus?

If the speaker is notable, the presentation can be advertised as a school-sanctioned event which MAY allow us to provide funds for their travel. This situation is handled on a case-by-case basis, requiring approval of Kate Chartrand.

Can I place an order for food/items for my event with my own credit card and then have this purchase reimbursed?

We, unfortunately, are not allowing any reimbursements through our current MSG funding process.

What should I do if my speaker cancels or the event has to be changed in some way (date, time, description)?

Please inform the treasurer as soon as possible if an event is going to be changed and/or canceled. This is helpful for us to keep track of which approved funds are truly going to be used. If they are not, then we are able to re-allocate the money to make the most of our MSG budget!

Still have questions?

Email: MSG Treasurer at