Sim Event

Interested in holding a simulation event for your interest group or program?

Follow the steps below to begin the scheduling process!

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Step 1:

To reserve space in the Center for Simulation and Innovation (CSI) for an event, please fill out the SIG CSI Reservation Google Form with the following details:

A. 3 date and time options (check here to see the calendar of simulation center events already scheduled)

B. The number of facilitators required by your SIG faculty mentor

C. A brief idea of what you plan to do in CSI

Your faculty advisor must approve items 2 and 3 before you submit the SIG CSI Reservation Google Form. This must be done 6 weeks before the event.

Step 2:

CSI staff will look at your request and, if scheduling permits, we will move forward with your event (see Step 3). If our schedule is full, alternative dates will be proposed. CSI will respond to event request as soon as possible, but definitely within 2 weeks.

Step 3:

Prior to meeting with the simulation center staff, please complete the Student Interest Group Simulation Event form (link currently broken) to the best of your ability. CSI Program Coordinators will help with details during the event meeting. Please send your completed copy to the Simulation Student Liaison at least 1 day before your event meeting.

Step 4:

Schedule a meeting with the simulation center staff to finalize event details and date. This meeting must be held no later than 3 weeks before event. At this point, you may begin to gauge interest and advertise your event.

Step 5:

After the event meeting, the simulation center staff will put together a cost estimate. This will be sent to Daniel Drane for approval.

Step 6:

Once approved, your event is ready to run!


Q: What times can we hold a simulation event?

A: Business hours for the simulation center are 8am-5pm Monday-Friday. If you absolutely must hold an event on a weekday evening or a Saturday, please be aware that a CSI staff member must flex their schedule to be in attendance. Therefore, events must end by 8pm and go no longer than 3 hours on a Saturday.

Q: How many facilitators do we need at our event to supervise?

A: The Center for Simulation and Innovation recommends a facilitator to student ratio of 1:10. Some events require more instruction and may require more facilitators. Both the number of volunteer facilitators and professional experience of volunteer facilitators must be approved by your SIG faculty mentor to ensure content expertise and competency in teaching the learning objectives proposed.

Q: Does the use of the simulation center cost money?

A: Simulation equipment may be used in the simulation center with no charge. Student Interest Groups will be invoiced for use of consumable supplies. Consumable supplies are defined as items that cannot be reused (needles, chux, gauze, etc.).

Q: Can the student interest groups write their own scenarios?

A: If you choose to write your own simulation scenarios, please be aware that all simulation content and learning objectives must be approved by your SIG faculty member and a Simulation Co-Curricular Director prior to reserving your event in the simulation center. All simulation and resuscitation cases should be written and formatted via the SMARTER method. Click here for more information

Q: What procedures are offered at the simulation center?

A: Click here for a list of procedures, trainers, and manikins offered through the simulation center.

Q: Can student interest groups run a simulation event on information outside of medical school curriculum?

A: Student Interest Group simulation events should be utilized to complement and enhance information covered in the medical school curriculum and should not conflict or be used in lieu of core curriculum educational goals and objectives.

Q: Do people attending events need to sign any waivers?

A: Ultrasounding can be performed on task trainers or fellow students. The Ultrasound Waiver must be signed and collected prior to your event if you will be ultrasounding people. Pregnant women cannot be ultrasounded in the Center for Simulation and Innovation. If you need a copy of this waiver, please contact a CSI staff member.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact the simulation center staff or your simulation center liaison!


Current Medical Student Simulation Liaison:

Simulation Program Coordinators:

Megan Cadigan

Kirstin Lathrop

Caitlin Lythgoe

For a downloadable copy of these directions, click here