Wellness Program


The Mission of the Wellness Program at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix is to contribute to the well-being and development of all students through mentorship, engagement and support.


The purpose of the Wellness Program is to maintain a small “family oriented” culture as the college increases its student population. Mentorship is a corner stone of the Wellness Program. With a Physician Mentor, Alumni Resident Mentor, Executive Committee, Fourth-Year Mentor and three Second-Year Student Mentors (Big Sibs), the Wellness Program provides a multi-layered approach to resources and mentorship for incoming first-year students. Students stay with their same mentors and Wellness groups throughout the entirety of the program to build small "family" like groups.


  • To offer a support system for incoming students, which will also assist them through the transition phase of becoming a medical student and continue to provide support through their first two years of medical school.

  • To encourage a connection between students within the same cohort (e.g., MS1) and between cohorts (e.g., MS1 and MS2).

  • To honor a safe place for open discussions with peers and mentors/faculty who may have like concerns and to create an atmosphere of mutual respect, sharing of ideas, mentorship and awareness of resources.

  • To encourage groups to become involved in regular activities which promote the wellness concepts (listed below), foster the service atmosphere of the school and contribute to the community.

  • To provide an informal advising/mentoring system for ongoing support.


The Four Pillars of Wellness represent the balance a student should strive for to be well in their academic career and beyond. These four pillars shape the programming, seminars and curriculum of the Wellness Program. The pillars are a guide for the entire Wellness Program and are overseen by the Wellness Executive Committee (comprised of 5 second-year student leaders), as well as the Wellness Committee (composed of 10 second-year student mentors). These pillars help the program to execute its mission and strives to instill balance and wellness ideals in every student.