Wellness Program


The Mission of the Wellness Program at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix is to contribute to the well-being and development of all students through mentorship, engagement and support.


The purpose of the Wellness Program is to maintain a small “family oriented” culture as the college increases its student population. Mentorship is a corner stone of the Wellness Program. With a Physician Mentor, Alumni Resident Mentor, Executive Committee, Fourth-Year Mentor and three Second-Year Student Mentors (Big Sibs), the Wellness Program provides a multi-layered approach to resources and mentorship for incoming first-year students. Students stay with their same mentors and Wellness groups throughout the entirety of the program to build small "family" like groups.



The Four Pillars of Wellness represent the balance a student should strive for to be well in their academic career and beyond. These four pillars shape the programming, seminars and curriculum of the Wellness Program. The pillars are a guide for the entire Wellness Program and are overseen by the Wellness Executive Committee (comprised of 5 second-year student leaders), as well as the Wellness Committee (composed of 10 second-year student mentors). These pillars help the program to execute its mission and strives to instill balance and wellness ideals in every student.