Healthcare Leadership and Development (HLD)


The Healthcare Leadership and Development (HLD) interest group is geared toward providing medical students a basis in business acumen and skills necessary to be successful in the business and administrative sides of medicine. Our goals are to inspire entrepreneurship and provide medical students a better understanding of decisions driven through business strategy. We believe it is essential to be informed about the decisions we will make as future physicians that fall outside the realm of patient care.

Past Events:

Basics of Medical Malpractice: Lunch talk with Andrew Mahler, JD

Integrative Leadership in Healthcare: Lunch talk with Dr. Stephen Gilliland

Healthcare Administration and Business Management Roles: Lunch talk with Dr. Kote Chundu

Improving Presentation and Communication Skills: Lunch Workshop

Rescuing US Healthcare: Seminar with Dr. Denis Cortese, Former Mayo Clinic CEO

IG Leadership & Faculty Advisor

Milan Oxspring

Class of 2025

Joshua Willis

Class of 2025

Dr. Janet Maurer, MD MBA

Faculty Advisor