Therapeutic Arts

Therapeutic Arts is a student interest group that promotes artistic expression as a means for developing empathy, collaboration, and resilience in the field of medicine.

Medical students, healthcare workers, and members of the community are encouraged to share their experiences through writing, poetry, and visual art. We aim to empower everyone affected by illness to create and share their stories as a mode of healing.

Our group aims to collaborate with artistic and medical organizations to introduce art as a lens for experiencing healthcare. We will use events such as poetry workshops, panels, voice drives, and zine-making sessions to create a welcoming space for our community to actively reflect on their experiences in medicine. We will also provide opportunities to publish work created during these sessions in associated blogs, journals, newspapers and podcasts. We value vulnerability and autonomy, and will strive to ensure that these conversations are conducted in a safe space.

Contact student leaders Meher Rakkar, Erik Garber, & Nick Groth for more information. Faculty advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Fehsenfeld.

Current Activities

"Share Your Voice" Vocal Drive
December 7, 2020 - July 1, 2021

The goal of vocal donation is to "humanize the voice within your device." For those who rely on synthetic vocalization technology, this can be life changing. Once your audition is submitted, individuals who have lost their own voice due to illness or trauma can browse the VoiceBank to find a sample that resonates with their sense of self-expression. If you submit 500+ sentences (only takes an hour!), you can e-mail to qualify for CHIP hours. Join today to become a voice donor and #shareyourvoiceUA

How to donate:

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