Students Advocating in Legislation (SAIL)

SAIL's mission is two parts:

1) SAIL educates members and the community on the legislative process in Arizona and current medical legislation while developing relationships and communication with the legislators in different districts.

2) SAIL actively advocates for Arizona health policies at the state legislature on issues related to regulation, scope of practice and other medical statutes. SAIL works closely with other members of the health community and medical organizations to advocate for the best interest of the future physicians and future patients. 

Club Leadership

Current Student Leader:

Dexter Gulick, MS2,

Lisa Najarian, MS2,

Faculty Advisor:    

            Jennifer R. Hartmark-Hill, MD, FAAFP                                                              


Club Activities 

2019-2020 Events:

Events in 2019:

November 5: Health Policy and Advocacy Panel

Events in 2020:

February 2020: Doctor of the Day at the State Capitol (Capstones)

February 2020: ACP Arizona Day at the Legislature (Capstones)

The following resources are local and national websites to help you become more engaged and involved:

1.       The Arizona Legislature Home Page:

2.       Arizona Medical Association (ArMA):

3.        Professional Societies/Organizations in a Specialty or regional area you are interested in, eg, the American Academy of Family Physicians, the Arizona Orthopedic Society, or Maricopa County Medical Society

October 18: Legislative Advocacy Panel with State House Rep Heather Carter and Rep Dr. Randall Friese, ACP Advocacy Chair Dr. Shakaid Rehman 

Article About SAIL in AZMedicine :