Geriatrics Interest Group (GIG)

Our Mission

In accordance with the guidelines set forth by the American Geriatrics Society, our chapter enhances the visibility of geriatrics within medical education and encourages engagement with aging and eldercare. Our chapter emphasizes education and service in the context of interdisciplinary, evolving care, and highlights the relevance of geriatrics to all disciplines of medicine. In addition to M.D. students, our group has engaged physical therapy and physician assistant health professions programs to further students' understanding of geriatrics and its intersection with other healthcare professions.

Past Events

Living and Dying on the Streets - Summer 2020

In partnership with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion

A Cultural Perspective on Aging - Fall 2016

Healthy Aging: Its not an Oxymoron - Fall 2016

"How to Live Forever" Movie Screening  - Spring 2016

Physician's Personal Perspectives on Aging - August 2016

Medical Equipment for Older Adults - September 2016

Current Student Leadership

Amir Kashfi-

Current Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Anita Rasheed

Associated Websites

American Geriatrics Society:

Medical Students Training in Aging Research