Student Ambassadors (STARs)

As a STAR, our role is to serve as a representative of the UA-COMPHX by hosting applicant visit days, volunteering for outreach events in the community, and sharing our experiences honestly with prospective students and others. It is pertinent that STARs positively demonstrate the attributes of a student, future physician, and member of the community. Also, they should provide a non-judgmental environment where applicants can feel at ease. We are incredibly enthusiastic about our school and are here to talk about how wonderful student life is here and the many benefits of being a part of the UA-COMPHX family.

Please contact us with any questions.

Executive Board Members: 

AVD/Revisit ChairJoAnn Nam, MS1

Recruitment & Training ChairAmanda Tjitro, MS1

Student Outreach ChairCasey Sedillo, MS1

Host ChairAlex Meilech, MS1

SIM Coordination ChairDanielle Hutchens, MS1

    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Glen T. Fogerty

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    Club Activities Include: