Emergency Medical Services IG (EMSIG)

Mission Statement: 

The Emergency Medical Services Interest Group (EMSIG) is one of the newest clubs on campus, focusing on the delivery of emergency medicine in uncontrolled, high-risk areas, or law enforcement operations. Most physicians practicing EMS are board-certified in Emergency Medicine and many of them completed a fellowship in Emergency Medical Services. We plan to have several lunch talks over the next year to introduce EMS and how it can be useful. Additionally, we hope to establish trainings such as Stop the Bleed or Tactical Combat Casualty Care, along with some simulations. As we expand our reach to the EMS physicians across Phoenix, this group will grow and become a resource for all students interested in emergency medicine.

Past Events: 

Stop the Bleed: Bleeding Control Basic Course

Get hands-on training on how to stop life-threatening bleeding using direct pressure, hemostatic bandages, and tourniquets. 

Look out for upcoming course announcements through the Weekly IG Calendar, or view available courses near you at https://cms.bleedingcontrol.org/class/search

Current Leadership: 

Dallin Stevens, MS2                                   Abbie Cantwell, MS2

dallinstevens@email.arizona.edu      amcantwell@email.arizona.edu

Karishma Kothari, MS2


Past Leadership: 

 Connor Swensen, MS3                             Luke Wohlford, MS3

 cswensen@email.arizona.edu             lwohlford@email.arizona.edu

Matthew Mitchell, MS4 (club founder)

Club Advisor:

Brad Butler MD FACEP, Clinical Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine